Most people might think of skateboarding as an individual activity, and thinking that way isn’t wrong. Skateboarding is a way people can express their individuality and creativity through personal style and way of living. However, skateboarding also relies on the collective to keep innovating and moving forward. 

Skateboarding has a unique way of connecting people all across the globe. Just because of these planks of wood you can create life long friendships and bonds. These relationships are typically the catalyst to pushing skateboarding as a whole. Sharing experiences, teaching new tricks and techniques, talking about improvements to gear, creating films and videos, taking photos, throwing events to get more people involved, and so much more all stem from community. It is this fundamental aspect of skateboarding that helps keep the culture growing and evolving.

This is why, here at Foster, we believe Community is Key. In order to support the growth of skateboarding you must make sure the community is healthy, because without the community progression would grind to a halt. Skating with other people, for us, has always led to our most meaningful experiences. The push we give each other to succeed and learn cannot be replicated alone. Building boards with community input has always led to our best boards. A collection of minds typically produces the best ideas. This is why we strive to be actively involved in our community and to give back as much as we can through sponsoring events and getting involved with classes and clinics to help people learn everything there is to know about skateboarding.

So with all this in mind, make sure you get out there and skate with your friends and others in your local community. Include all styles and ways of skating, support your local shops, and support skater owned businesses. All of these things will lead to a better skateboarding world for all of us. 

Foster Community, Foster Skateboarding.

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