We are dedicated to the growth of skateboarding through community, quality, and sustainability. Proudly Skater Owned and Operated.


We started making skateboards in 2009 as a way to express our creativity and fulfill the needs of our various styles of riding. Beginning with rudimentary tools and knowledge, we produced what would become the first Foster Skateboards. These first boards weren’t much to look at it, but they created the spark that sent us diving head first down the rabbit hole of creating the highest quality skateboards on the market. Thirteen years of consistently pushing the limits of design, construction, process, and of course, skateboarding, has made Foster what it is today.


Have Fun and Escape the Mundane.

Passionate about all things skateboarding, we are strong proponents of all styles of skateboarding, and will always encourage anyone and everyone to just have fun on your skateboard, no matter what that means to you. Let go of the day to day, free your mind, and enter the state of bliss that only skateboarding can provide.


Community, Quality, Sustainability and Progression. These are the values that we hold near and dear as we craft each and every one of our boards. Through event sponsorships, and helping out with classes and clinics, we make sure to give back to our Community as much as we can to keep skateboarding happy, healthy, and growing. Our designs and constructions have been tested for years by our team to make sure that you are provided with the highest Quality skateboard. All of our boards are made in our shop in Seattle, WA, USA using eco-friendly and Sustainably sourced materials. We can’t keep skateboarding if we don’t have an Earth to skate on! Lastly we push to continue innovating with new designs, concaves, constructions etc to help skateboarders Progress to new heights. With Foster, the sky’s the limit!