Quality skateboards are sometimes hard to come by these days.You can easily purchase a cheap skateboard online and have it get you around but will it last or give you the best ride? We don’t think so. We know our boards aren’t the cheapest, but riding a Foster board will give you a superior ride in many ways.

For over a decade we have been feverishly designing, building, and riding our boards in an attempt to attain the best ride quality. We have worked with our team of riders and feedback from the community to gain as much knowledge as we can when it comes to producing the best skateboard. With a deep well of experience to pull on from both the downhill and street skating worlds we know that in order to perform at peak levels everything with your board needs to be perfect. We approach skateboard design with this in mind, even down to our cruisers. All of our concaves are our own designs, no house molds used here, and have been tested for years to make sure that they are exactly what is needed for the style of riding they are intended for. 

But can designing for perfection make a perfect skateboard? No. This is where our process for building boards comes in. To start, we only use the highest quality materials in our boards. Our process begins with individually screen printing each graphic. Screen printing creates a more durable graphic that far outlasts the heat transfers most other use in the industry. After the graphics have been printed, the veneers go into the press to take the concave’s form. All of our decks are pressed one a time, at room temperature. Most major manufacturers will press multiple boards in the same mold at the same time and apply heat to speed up the curing process. However, pressing multiple boards at once causes inconsistencies in concave between boards, and the applied heat causes the wood to be brittle increasing risk of breakage. The wood we use is grade A hard rock Great Lakes maple. The cold temperatures this wood is grown in creates some of the strongest wood on earth. After the boards have their time in the press they are left to cure for 7 days. This cure time is crucial to the bond between glue and veneer and also for the board to solidify with the curves from the mold. Once cured we use our CNC to drill the truck holes, create the wheel wells and flush mounts, and shape the board’s profile. After the work on the CNC is done we hand finish each board by rounding the rails, sanding, and at last spraying the clear coat. Each step of the way is done by us in house, in Seattle, Washington. We make sure that there is quality control each step of the way with each board. This is not common practice in most large factories. Most will inspect one or two boards from a run rather than every board that leaves their doors. 

With all of these practices, designs, and materials in mind we are sure that we produce the highest quality skateboards available and we can guarantee you will say the same after trying out a Foster Skateboard.


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