At Foster we believe in the boards we make and are always striving to produce the most premium caliber products we can. So in the rare case of a defect we provide a 1 year warranty to all of our boards.

Our Warranty Department will diagnose whether or not your board has a manufacturing issue and is covered by our warranty.  We will expect normal wear on your board so here is a list of things that we do NOT cover:

  • Edge chipping from ground, curbs, walls, rails, etc
  • Snapped boards from impacts when landing
  • Physically modified boards. Ex: chopped, redrill, etc
  • Tail/nose wear from dragging/impacts from running into curbs, columns, cars, etc
  • Being run over by vehicles
  • Second hand purchases
  • Stress cracks in the surface plies(top and bottom plies) are not considered defects and will not affect the overall integrity of the board
  • Damage during shipping (this responsibility resides with the carrier)
  • Water submersion/significant rain damage

The more we know the easier it is to assess your claim. Please follow the steps below for submitting your warranty claim. After completing the steps and submitting your claim please allow for 3-7 business day for us to assess your claim. We will do our best to get you back on a quality skateboard as soon as possible.


Warranty Claim Steps

Please take detailed photos of the issue/defect.

Please take photos of both the graphic side and top side of the board. 

Submit these photos to us via email at fsboardsinc@gmail.com